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Linda Littlechild’s paintings

Linda has had a passion for art her entire life.  Her subject matter comes from her travels throughout the United States and Europe.  She also paints beautiful still life paintings.
Linda has studied with such great artist as Leonard Wren, Brent Jensen, Qiang Huang, Mary Lou Grisham and Kelli Folsom.
Her works are in private collections throughout the United States.  She has also gained numerous awards for the growing number of exhibitions in which she has shown her work.
"I think art should take your breath away.  That is what I strive to do with my paintings" says Linda.

20 different artists’ paintings
Linda Littlechild lives in Edmond, Ok with her husband, Mike, of 48 years.  She had three children and has ten grandchildren.  Linda has been a part of the Oklahoma art scene for many years.  When she retired four years ago from Mercy Health Systems, she decided to pursue her passion for art full time.  Three and a half years ago she decided to teach a painting class for beginners.  Within six months, the class was full, so she opened a second one, which filled up quickly.  Linda said she never planned on teaching art and believes that God had a hand in this.  "My art students fill my life with joy and love.  I am so very proud of each and every one of them.  I will always be grateful that they have allowed me to accompany them on their art journey."
      Annette Fisher—A native Oklahoman and a retired reading teacher, she combines  her passions for gardening, nature, and photography in her paintings.  “I always learn more about the beauty of God’s creation when I paint,” she says.
      Beverly Chaumont —She began art classes with Littlechild in January 2011.  She says she had never painted before and was not sure she could do it.  “It has been so much fun.  We have a great class of women of varying skills but we encourage each other.  Linda makes it fun.”
      Beverly Georgia—Oklahoma-born and educated at OSU, she painted early in the ‘60s in Houston, Texas.  Her past five years of art lessons have been with the late Evelyn Miner, and she is presently in classes under the direction of Linda Littlechild.
      Beverly Howard—She has lived in Oklahoma City for more than 25 years.  Beverly has a husband, Ed, and two grown children.  She taught at Heritage Hall and the Ominplex where she created “The Young Artists Gallery.”  Painting is a passion for Beverly and she has painted off and on for two years.  She has recently started classes with Linda who she says “is an amazing teacher.”
      Barbara Brou—Started taking painting/art classes three years ago.  “I really enjoy the classes and never thought I’d be doing this,” says Brou.  She has painted both oil and acrylic and her favorite paintings are bright colors and also still life.  “Linda has truly inspired me!”
      Carol Bird—She has enjoyed painting for many years and plans to continue painting for the rest of her life.
      Gail Bouknight—From Edmond, she became a serious artist around two years ago after retiring from a 37-year career in nursing.  “I am still trying to figure out my style, but I like to paint contemporary subjects in bright, bold colors,” she says.  Her medium of choice is oil on canvas.  She has been married to her husband Dan for 35 years and has three children, Dana, Jordan and Katie. 
      Judy Bennett—After retiring from Marietta City Schools in Marietta, Ga., Judy returned home to Oklahoma.  In 2008, she joined the staff of Whiz Kids and served as a site administrator for three years.  Judy has chosen to fill the last chapters of her life with beautiful colors and brush strokes on canvas. Painting is compatible with her belief that staying young requires a commitment to lifelong learning.  “The acts of mixing paint and applying brush to canvas are spiritual.  Painting takes me to another place.  I become totally immersed and all sense of time vanishes.  I am learning to search the world with benevolent eyes for every subtle beauty of offers,” she says.
      Linda Ezell—She was born in Meridian, Miss., and now resides in Edmond with her husband, David.  She was educated at Auburn University, Alabama, earning a bachelor’s of science in elementary education in 1969.  While teaching and raising a family, she enjoyed various artistic hobbies such as sewing, needlework and decorating.  In recent years she has enjoyed oil painting classes with Linda Littlechild as her teacher.
      Linda Whitworth—She was raised on a farm in southwest Oklahoma, which her grandparents homesteaded and is still owned by her family.  She is married to her high school sweetheart and they have two sons and four grandsons and are expecting a granddaughter in September.  She owned and operated a catering business for 25 years and retired eight years ago.  She has been taking art lessons for 2½ years from Littlechild.  “Some of my favorite subjects are beach scenes and children,” she says.
      Phyllis DePatie—At age 75, she has been studying with Linda Littlechild for 1½ years.  Prior to that, she studied with various teachers at Hobby Lobby for three years.  “Oil painting is my favorite medium and most relaxing,” she says.
      Rita Wilkinson—She paints what she calls “whimsical abstract.”  She started painting six years ago.  “With the instruction of Linda Littlechild, I have developed my style,” she says.
In addition to the above artists, Gallery 66 plans to also display work from Christin Chen, Geri Armstrong, Janice Walters, Justice Hulme, Karen Quinlin, Kay Fryer, Lynn Garofolo, Nancy Krodel and Susan Rawlinson.
Anji Bryner
Bryner is a native Oklahoma artist currently residing in Oklahoma City. She received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Oklahoma in 2007. A self-taught painter, she has created art since she was a young child. She works primarily in oils, but incorporates other media into her work including acrylics, watercolor, and mixed media. She frequently uses her knowledge of photography to construct her paintings, employing a unique approach and great focus on lighting and perspective.   She says her objective is to draw from these elements to create a unique style of her own. Her ultimate goal as an artist is to create work that both emotionally and creatively stimulates the viewer.   Her inspiration comes from many different areas of art (music, writing, etc.), life and fantasy, including dreams and their symbolism.   Bryner has been featured in several solo exhibitions as well as numerous group exhibitions and juried events both locally and nationally. In 2010, she appeared on “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” as a mural artist for the Skaggs family.

Bethany Higgins
Brixey-Higgins, a native of Broken Arrow, is an artist living and working in Bethany.  She says her artwork is inspired by her Western roots and Cherokee and Osage Indian heritage.   She says her artistic talent was recognized in early grade school, something she says she studied further at Tulsa Technology Center under instructor/artist Paul King, who sits on the board of directors of graphic art and design at OSU-Okmulgee.   Brixey-Higgins will feature graphite, colored pencil and Prismacolor drawings on paperboard, along with acrylic-on-canvas paintings, in this opening.    The married mother of two says she continues to focus on her art while pursuing a visual communications degree
Rita Wilkinson
Rita is 68 year old artist who began painting six years ago.  Originally, her instructor was the internet where she learned by observing  art instructors who specialized in oil paintings.  Four years ago she began taking lessons from the respected art teacher, Linda Littlechild from Edmond, Oklahoma.  She first began with oils, but at Linda’s suggestion, changed to acrylic which dries much faster.  Rita says “I am a free flowing, open, and loose painter and find this style to be more liberating”. Rita also says “Today all of my art is acrylic.  I have been inspired by the marvelous impressionists of the 19 century and from artists who exhibit today on the internet.  My work is Whimsical Abstract because it looks nothing like the exact perception of the naked eye.  I interpret what I envision and create my own visual concept.  My paintings are eclectic in nature which provides me a freedom to choose from many diverse and different subjects”.   

Joelene Barber
Type of medium:  Oil on canvas
Joelene enjoys painting autumn landscapes, abstracts, and symbolism art.
Yet, when in a whimsical mood she likes creating abstracts with various tools beyond pallet knifes and brushes.  She uses garden trowels, dowels, forks, spoons, and a spool of rope that's about to unravel on the end.
Currently, Barber is painting a series on the nine fruits of the Spirit.  "I try to pain the soul and the spirit of life.  For example, I have a piece titled 'Peace:  Inside and Outside.' It's a painting of a plant, but I want it to touch the inner being of the viewer and have them feel the peace the works represents."
Her mentor is well-known architect artist John Bullard.  "We've painted together since 2009.  He has taught me most of what I know about creating art upon canvas.  John has nurtured me into painting with freedom in expression of the composition."
Since 2009 Barber spends her vacations in an artists colony in Nashville, IN.  She has studied with David Slonim, Diane Lyon, Randall Scott Harden, and Beth Forst.
She is a co-op member of The Studio Gallery in The Village.

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